Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick update

Sorry, but I didn't had a lot of time in the last weeks or in the next ones to post a lot.
I only wanted to tell you that finally as my next proyect will be a bit delayed, I have done the last half of the thirth issue of the Oracle miniseries, and I'll do too the issue 19 of The Outsiders, that will let me work again with the great Peter Tomasi with the one I have already done the JSA Kingdom Come special Magog.
I hope post some pictures soon!


Blogger Dene said...

I am lovin the Oracle mini-series, Fernando-!!! And your work on JSA is my absolute favourite-!

Are you on Facebook? If so, will you add me as a friend?

Dene Larson

7:55 PM  
Blogger drawmein said...

Just a guess... something that rhymes with "Blackest Night"?

Keep up the good work, your pencils are great man.

5:02 AM  
Blogger Fernando Pasarin said...


Hi! and sorry for the delay in reply. I'm happy that you like my current job and the JSA one, by made, before editorial changes I went to be its regular penciller after the departure of Dale.
And sorry but I'm not in Facebook or Twitter and things like that. As you can see, I don't have a lot of time for update the blog, much less for other things :-(


No, the project won't be related to Blackest Night, I talked last year before start all the event in to do something for it, but in the last months the things changed. I think that my project will start in august, although I haven't started it yet, so with the new solicitations you'll know soon.

9:39 AM  
Blogger drawmein said...

Groovy man. As the weeks fly by, I'll keep my eye out for your name. Continued success!

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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