Monday, February 23, 2009


Sorry very much for the VERY long absence. These last months have been a bit tumultuous months. Or I have been very busy, or I was working in something I couldn’t post. After some last time change of plans finally I’ll be working for the USA comic market full time. I apologize to the people that were following Les Fils de la Louve, but I really couldn’t keep doing it for personal stuff, the staff of Le Lombard is really awesome. The series is in good hands. The new artist is really great.

Well, as I tell you, I will be working full time for DC for the near future, finally in a new ongoing that was announced in the NYCC, but like the name of the creators wasn’t told, I don’t know if I can say it. The series will start in June.

Before that, last week have appeared the final issue of Bird of Prey ( issue 127) where appears the Origins and Omens story I have done. This week will appear the one that I have done for Justice Society of America # 24, that sadly is my last job for the title. I really have loved the experience and I will be always really gratefully to Geoff, Alex, Eddie, Adam, Michael and Harvey for let me be part of it. DC is posting in its site the Origins and Omens stories, so as soon as they post mine, I’ll scan the pages in a good size and I’ll post here ( I’ll try to post more often here… REALLY :-D )

Also I just have finished in this moment some pages for help with the schedule of the first issue of the Oracle miniseries ( you’ll love the story). I will also do some pages for the second issue. I’m not sure about the third. After that, I’ll start with the new ongoing, that will let me work with both great and beloved writer and character. I’m looking forward for can start with the fun!


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