Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi everybody!

Well, finally I found a bit of time to post and I have a few news. If you have seen the solicits for the month of August of DC Comics that just have appeared you could see that my name appears in the issue 21 of The Outsiders, and if you remember, I told you that I could tell you my new project that went to start in august when the solicits appear. Well, that's it! The truth is that this wasn't to be the project I went to do, although I think that I can't tell you which one went to be, but after do some pages for the issue 19 of The Outsiders, I told DC that I was having a LOT of fun doing it, and I LOVE the work of Peter Tomasi, and well, then I received the offer to be the new ongoing penciller, that make me very happy. This book have all that is fun to draw. After a run in this tittle, I'm already booked for a couple more of project that I only can tell you that they will be AWESOME and BIG. I'm really excited about my near future!!

I didn't post any pic for a long time. Sadly all the comic work is top secret until is published, and although I hate post old stuff, here you have a page from a couple of years that I have seen in the recently discovered deviantart page of Jesse Delperdang . A great inker with the one I had the luck of work, although only for a short time as always happens with my favourite inkers. They are so good that they are too busy. Hopefully we can work together one time. Take a look a his gallery, not only is a great inker, but also a great penciller.

The page is from my run in Tangent: Superman Reign.