Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy 60th anniversary!

Yesterday I finished the pages of the 3rd album of "Les fils de la Louve” series that I’m doing for the European market in Le Lombard ( Now I have to colour the cover and back-cover, wish me luck). And for celebrate it I’m posting this image here.
I have done this picture half year ago for the party that had place the 26 of September of this year, the date of the 60th anniversary of Le Lombard. The editor ask to all the drawers and writers a drawing or text for do an exposition with them, sell the originals for charity and to publish a book for the people that went to the party. I would wish that the book were at the public sale, is a jewel with drawings of Boucq, Vance, Jigounov, De Vita, Lamquet, Griffo,Hermann, Cosey, Valles, Quintanilha, Rosinski… Well, I can’t tell all the names.
I hope that you like.

ION (2)

Hello again, was a lot of time since the last post. I’ll try to publish more often.
This post if for tell you that finally the book of Ion that I have done was the number 9, at sale the 20 of December. Sorry, but the solicitation was wrong ( and there was a problem and my name won’t be appear in the inside credits of the book, only in the cover, but know if you are interested that I was the drawer ;-D)
I saw also in some web sites that my name appears in the solicitations of the next numbers of Ion, but I only did the 9 ( but buy them too ;-D, is a great series).