Monday, January 11, 2010



I know that it's a bit late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
We are in 2010, we are in the future, but we haven't flying cars, cities on the Moon... :-(
I have spent these last 2 weeks ( how better enjoy the Christmas? ) working in one of this month Blackest Night Specials :"THE ATOM AND HAWKMAN #46" in the Beginning by Geoff Johns and Ryan Sook.

The book was late and I had to do the last half of the pages. These aren't the best dates of the year to work, but was a great experience. This is one of the best scripts of Geoff that I have drawn. I hadn't idea of who was The Atom, and now I understand completely the character. I think that's the best thing about Geoff. You can feel he loves the characters, and in a couple of pages, you know how they are. I would love the scripts he writes were published as he send them to the pencillers. You should pick the book, the script is great, and at least, one half of the book is beautifully drawn... the half of Ryan sook, of course.

Hope you have a great year.