Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here you have the preview pages that The Source just have shown of Brightest Day #0, on sale this wednesday, probably the biggest project in the one I have worked and provably the harder, a big workload with a tight deadline. I hope you all like it. I can tell you that Geoff and Peter have done an AWESOME work as Peter Steigerwald, BEAUTIFULL colours. And you can have 50 story pages for only 3.99.
These preview pages and some more are also inked by me.
Well, in other front, DC have announced a few weeks back that I went to be the penciller in the new ongoing title of the Green Lantern franchise, Emerald Warriors. I will be working again with the always amazing Peter tomasi, long time writer of Green Lantern Corps in the adventures of Guy Gardner ( and a lot of Kilowog). As soon as possible I'll show you a trailer. The series will be released in August. I´m really looking forward to start to work on it.